Noble Stone builds dry stone constructions that conform to Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) standards of excellence. DSWA teaches to build New England style walls that also borrow from English and Scottish methods. Noble Stone can build in a formal or rustic context, within an architectural or farmy scope including:

  • foundation walls for outbuildings
  • freestanding walls, retaining walls and sculptural site-specific works
  • flatwork—patios, pathways, main entry staircases, garden steps through terraces
  • sheep fences—lace walls, singled walls

Our constructions draw from a variety of imported, domestic and local Northwest material options.

Why dry stone construction?

  • extremely durable
  • equipped to drain properly
  • built from natural material that is in harmony with the landscape
  • harks back to an old world aesthetic
  • creates a historic legacy