About Joshua Barwick

Growing up internationally and spending much of his youth in Europe, Joshua Barwick has been looking at stone work from the get-go. His father brought him to churches and cathedrals and his mother showed him art museums and brought him on walks over stone bridges. Years later, after reading Irving Stone’s “The Agony and the Ecstasy” while an art school painting student, he started to learn to carve stone. The rest is pretty much history.

For over a decade, Joshua Barwick has been building unique environments out of stone. With a commitment to old methods of the highest standards, he sought out the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain to refine his training. At the Vermont guild training center, he was mentored by Dan Snow, Jared Flynn and Michael Weitzner. With these Masters and Advanced craftsmen, along with other workshop participants seeking certification, Joshua found the stamina for the quality of his passion in building artfully rendered stone constructions.

Joshua lives on Vashon Island, just outside Seattle, with his family.

Work History

  • 2000–2005   Seattle, Washington—Worked in garden design and dry stone construction
  • 2005–2012   Vermont—Worked and trained in dry stone construction in New England and became certified in the guild system
  • 2013   Vashon Island, Washington—Relocated Noble Stone to the Pacific Northwest